We are engaged in to recycling of

  • Li ion battery
  • Li ion Cathode Materials
  • Li ion Anode Materials
  • Aluminum and Copper from Li ion Batteries
  • Rubber Polymers
  • SBR, BR and NBR Reprocessing
  • PVC rolls
  • LDPE coated rubber rolls
  • Metal reinforced rubber wires
  • Mixed rubber compound
  • Metal reinforced Hose pipes
  • LDPE rolls and Sheets
  • Constant circumference long stainless steel wires
  • Fire Hose pipes
  • Carbon mixed Polypropylene
  • Released Paper rolls
  • Used fabric reinforced read liner
  • SBR Rubber Compound from Tire Industry
  • Nylon coated fabric strips
  • Silicon rubber with D3/D5/D6 as major components

Samples and/or pictures are provided on request.