In present day scenario when world is fighting against global warming and choosing reusable products instead of disposables; OumSaai is an initiative to help business ventures identify & utilize recycling methods and technologies best suited for their establishments. *

We provide the entire gamut of services, including consultancy on recycling methodologies, export, logistics and supplier & factory details to Li ion battery recycling, cathode material recovering, rubber, tire, steel and polymer industries.

OumSaai’s success hinges on its unparalleled domain expertise and experience in recycling technologies.

One of our key areas is providing services, consultancy and methods to recycle Li ion batteries. It is important to understand the need of recycling in order to make these expensive devices affordable in coming times. Our expertize lies in the fact that our team come directly from this domain with decades of experience and knowledge. We hold very deep knowledge in recycling the cathode materials from layered oxide (Lithium Cobalt Oxide LCO, NMC, NCA etc.), olivine (LiFePO4, LiFeMnPO4 etc.) to Spinel (LMO, LMNO) type cathode system.